Dr. Vijay Sahaj who got the Shaktipat Diksha and all the knowledge from renowned saint Shri shri 1008 Swami Shivomtirth Maharaj Sahaj is a devotee of Lord Krishna. He is staunch follower of philosophy that following god with all turst and belief eventually frees onself from all the curses. The fist meeting with Dr. Vijay Sahaj in itself leaves a fine sprint and in indelible mark in the mindset of a person as he has an aura which is undefined.

Dr. Sahaj is servicing to the cause of people by following the directions of his Guru. He says that a person must have Sadguru. Only a Sadguru can get a person awakened his inactive kundlini. Known as "Gurudeo", among his followers, Dr. Sahaj gives the Shaktipat Diksha only to the qualified disciples after a difficult examination. He is an expert and specialist in diverse fields including Shaktipaat, Aadhyatama, Kundalini Jagaran, Yog Samadhi, Yog Samadi, Yantra-Tantra-Mantra, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Horory (Prashana Jyotisha), Janma Patrika, Pragraha Rashri Ratna Vigyan, Nashtajatak-stream of astrology is useful to the people who have no knowledge of exact time of birth.

In all he is a learned scholar of spirituality, philosophy. Engaged in the constant research of divine arts, Dr Sahaj done a deep research on gemology. He has also invented a new theory and practice for gem's selection by which he can instantly about particular gems i.e. what is the reaction of gem over body, mind and soul by which he can check and show assured hundred per cent positive results. He says that gems have divine powers, gems connect us to planets and stars of the boundless universe. Sporting an appropriate gem can bring prosperity, good health peace of mind and progress. Thousands of people cured by Dr. Sahaj by gems Parashakti & Spritual therapy.

There are several achievements added to his folded pages of unending saga. A journalist who met with an accident had difficulty in walking. However the touch therapy cured her and she was able to walk properly. Those who have marital problems also come here and go happily as all their problems automatically get solved. A lpatient whose backbone was extended was cured by him without prescription of medicines but by his special powers. The patients suffering from low blood pressure and high blood pressure also got cure here. A student got Gold medal in MSC after wearing Gems & Sarswati Yantra.

A couple whom each and every doctor declared were unable to conceive gave birth to child after 18 years of their marriage. A lady suffering from backache since last 33 years became healthy with his divine powers. He also has a solution for several problems regarding marriage, mental tensions and stress, job promotion, transfers, poverty study and all kinds of domestic and financial damages. He is all famous for resolving several personal, financial and social tensions. As the name suggests Dr. Vijay Sahaj with the powers and blessing of God and his Sadguru, endorses an easy victory over the problems and dilemmas of his clients. A Shaksdtipat acharya and astrologer Dr Vijay Sahaj has been associated with the field since 1960.

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